Mission Action Statement

Engaging in welcoming, pastoral care, faith formation for all ages, the sanctification of each other and the world and support of vocations (Laity and Ordained). Celebrating the richness of care and support for each other by providing service to the poor, homeless, refugees, the sick and bereaved and the elderly and working for social justice and the protection of the environment in union with all people of good faith.

Mission Statement

We welcome and journey with all through prayer and service, open to growth and committed to building a community of Christ’s disciples who share the joy of the Gospel.

Vision Statement

Holy Family Parish is an inclusive, welcoming community of members filled with The Holy Spirit where all are valued, respected and supported. Our faith in Jesus nourished by the Eucharist urges us to bring people to him and to form missionary disciples who will go out to transform the world.

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Parish Information

Location: 37 Ward Street, Indooroopilly, Qld 4068 Office Hours: Mon 9am – 12pm | Wed 9am – 3pm | Fri – 9am to 12pm Contact Numbers: Telephone: (07) 33717466 | Fax: (07) 38702541
Mass Times:
  • Wednesday: Adoration – 5:10pm | Benediction – 5:50pm | Holy Mass –  6:00pm
  • Friday: 8:10 am Rosary | Holy Mass – 8:30am
  • Saturday: 5:30 pm – Holy Mass
  • Sunday: 8:30 am &  6 pm – Holy Mass

    • Parish Pastoral Council: Fr Nev Yun (Administrator), Deacon Russ Nelson, Georges LeFevre (Chair), Clare Dyer (Deputy-Chair), Margie McKay-Lowndes (Secretary), Kevin Smith, Terence Chan, Martin Kelly, Christina Martin, Trevor Lambkin, Stephen Dyer
    • Members of the Finance Council:Justin Byrne, Jennifer Muller, Damien O’Brien, Ashanti Uluwita.
  • HF Parish Pastoral Council Update November 2018

These are some of the items we discussed at the last meeting. Plan to communicate more regularly, a short overview in the newsletter and at the end of mass after each meeting. Seasons of Creation team did an excellent job during the month of September and our parish will run this again next year. Alpha pilot is going well with 14 participants. 2 more Alpha programs will be run next year. Parishioners will be invited to participate in this 11 week faith building opportunity. Pews: we are finalising the quotes from 3 different companies and are planning to have the refurbishment financed by sponsorship from members of the parish. Internal Painting has been delayed until the source of the leaks can be found and fixed. This has proved to be VERY difficult! Children’s Liturgy of the Word: we have a new coordinator, Melody, who is organising the roster until the end of the year. Safeguarding: Kate Lister has done a fantastic job of setting up systems and practices for our parish to meet the new standards in safeguarding. Thank you Kate. She is finishing at the end of the month and we are looking for a new person for this role. Seminarian Visit: Michael Tran will be on placement in the parish for 4 weeks over Christmas. Please make him welcome

  • Newsletter via email

    As many of you know we have started sending out an email newsletter. If you are not yet receiving this, but would like to, please phone Margie on 0447760529, or let Nanet in the office know.

  • Notice to ALL Parishioners: If in your duties assisting the parish with volunteer works in the past or presently, you were assigned with a key that is still in you possession. You are kindly requested to contact the parish office
  • Christmas Market

    The Holy Family School P&F will be hosting a Christmas Market on Sunday 18th November from 9.30 – 1.30pm in the Holy Family Centre.

    We are seeking arty/crafty/clever members of our local community to hold stalls on the morning. Stall holders will pay a small fee to the P&F in advance, but will keep all of their takings on the day. If you know of anyone crafty who would be interested, please ask them to get in touch with Melody Cross or Lucy Lilienstein (pfholyfamily@gmail.com) and we will provide more detailed information for potential stall holders. Stall numbers will be limited, so it would be best to get in contact with us as soon as possible. We are not looking for food stalls as the P&F will hold a cake stall and selling refreshments.

    Any keen bakers who are able to contribute to baking for the cake stall are encouraged to bring along donations before mass on the day. Check the parish noticeboard for more information.

  • Children’s Liturgy: Every Sunday during the 8:30am Mass. (Except School Holidays)

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From Father Nev

4-11-18 – Marriage Encounter 

Hi everyone, I hope you all enjoyed a bit of variety in priests and a bishop at last weekend’s masses. My weekend in Varrowville, NSW was an amazing and transformative experience. I was a participant on a Marriage Encounter Deeper Weekend. If you haven’t been on a weekend and you want to inject something new into your marriage, I highly recommend you attend next years in early August 2019. Check out www.wwme.org.au for more information. You’re probably wondering why is Fr Nev attending this weekend if he’s a priest? Well as I have discovered the sacraments of Marriage and Holy Orders are different but there are close similarities. In marriage, the two spouses are called and are committed to loving each other. In the vocation of Priesthood, my spouse is the people of God. That’s a lot of spouses!! LOL. I don’t think I was ever taught this at seminary!! It makes senses though!! Pope Francis has been reminding us priests, “to be shepherds with the smell of the sheep”. I need to deepen my relationship and become more intimate with you the people. Theologically we were taught that priests represent Christ and our spouse is Christ. So what a revelation!! In marriage, life inevitably becomes more complicated, children come along, work, school, family and Church commitments are a constant juggling act for parents. Within all of this spouses need to communicate effectively what is happening and in particular their feelings towards their beloved or any given situations. Making effective use of time together is vital for married couples to not simply survive but thrive in their vocation to selflessly love and honour the other. The Marriage Encounter weekend teaches couples to become more vulnerable with each. A weekend will help couples to learn how to dialogue with each other by identifying, listening and empathising with one’s and your spouse’s feelings in a deeper way. I was amazed at the transformation in couples and their genuine desire to initiate a new spark in their marriage. As for the 4 priests, it was a significant experience in our priestly ministry. We learnt to be more aware of behaviours and fears that could be influencing our relationship with our parishioners. I was able to articulate my fear of failure as an ongoing issue that I need to revisit in my priestly ministry. So let’s pray for married couples and our priests who are trying their best. We are also getting a seminarian to visit us over Advent. His name is Michael Tran and he will be with us from the 17th Nov to 16th Dec. Have a blessed week.

Fr Nev

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Brisbane Archdiocese Video Series – The Mass



2017 marks the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. Many historians consider the Reformation one of those epoch changing events in the history of the Western world. But what does it mean for people in Australia 500 years later? Was the Reformation just a series of pointless disputes which have little relevance to the church today? Or is the church today the living legacy of the Reformation, and if so, what does this mean for us? Join us as we ask these questions together.

Dr. Chris Hanlon — The Reformation a Catholic perspective, 8 August 7:30pm Holy Family Catholic Church, Indooroopilly

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Giovanni & Amanda’s Wedding, May 5, 2018

By Dr. Peter Vardy