Mission Action Statement

Engaging in welcoming, pastoral care, faith formation for all ages, the sanctification of each other and the world and support of vocations (Laity and Ordained). Celebrating the richness of care and support for each other by providing service to the poor, homeless, refugees, the sick and bereaved and the elderly and working for social justice and the protection of the environment in union with all people of good faith.

Mission Statement

We welcome and journey with all through prayer and service, open to growth and committed to building a community of Christ’s disciples who share the joy of the Gospel.

Vision Statement

Holy Family Parish is an inclusive, welcoming community of members filled with The Holy Spirit where all are valued, respected and supported. Our faith in Jesus nourished by the Eucharist urges us to bring people to him and to form missionary disciples who will go out to transform the world.

Wedding at Holy Family Church

Wedding of Giovanni & Amanda - May 5, 2018

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Location: 37 Ward Street, Indooroopilly, Qld 4068 Office Hours: Mon 9am – 12pm | Wed 9am – 3pm | Fri – 9am to 12pm Contact Numbers: Telephone: (07) 33717466 | Fax: (07) 38702541

Mass Times:

Wednesday: 5:30pm Adoration followed by Mass at 6pm. Friday: 8am Rosary followed by Mass at 8:30am Saturday: 5:30 pm Sunday: 8:30 am and 6 pm

Your prayers are requested for

The Sick : Evelyn Fortuna (Janina Byrne’s Mum),Emile Smets, Pui San Mak Recently Deceased:  Maria Rego, Cecil Chardon, John Muir, Hector Welgampola, Karen Margaret Burch, Bishop Emeritus John Gerry, Blair Smith, Dennis Hall, Harry Gurung. Anniversaries: Maria Rego, Vera Bradshaw, Christian Brian Gallagher, Michael Buckley, Michael Markose Silva, Maureen Kelly, Gloria Clark, Brian Byrne, Lucina Esposo, Juan Esposo, Damien Ledwitch, Stanley Chan Eileen Williamson, John Davies, Sr Loyola Fraser, Flora Moroney, Margaret Tardent, Margaret Gormley, Annette Atwood, Sandra Jordan, Alice Gibbings, Phoebe Todd, Garth Gray, Josephine Pringle, Hab Ottaway, Concetta Gabric, Mary Catherine Mahony, Mrs McGaw, Bob Anderson, Bill Graham, Let Carney, Peter Spierings, Sandra Jordan, Pat Keefe, Mary Redhead, Joseph Carmody, Mary Josephine Scanlan


Acts 10: 25-26. 34-35. 44-48, Ps 97: 1-4. R. v.2, 1 Jn 4: 7-10, Jn 15: 9-17.


  • Children’s Liturgy: Every Sunday during the 8:30am Mass. (Except School Holidays)
  • Adoration: Every Wednesday 5:30 to 6pm followed by  Mass from 6pm – 6:45pm
Bill to decriminalise abortion A Bill to decriminalise abortion may come before the Qld Parliament as early as next month. If passed, this would legalise abortion for any reason and at any stage of pregnancy.It is essential for those who oppose this to speak up now. A 2018 E-Petition to the parliament opposing such decriminalisation has been lodged by Cherish Life and it can be accessed via their website www.cherishlife.org.au/petition. It closes on 30th April. If you wish to sign the petition you need to act before then. University of Queensland Catholic Chaplaincy presents a lecture and discussion entitled: QUANTUM THEOLOGY by: Dr Matthew Beckmann ofm (Franciscan Friar) at St. Leo’s College, College Rd, University of Queensland on Friday May 11th 2018 at 7pm WELCOME!

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From Father Nev

8-7-18 – Heart of Man: Our Brokenness is a bridge. Not a barrier.

On Thursday evening I was invited to a movie promo called the Heart of Man. It was quite a confronting film with plenty of imagery and symbolism for males to deepen their understanding about themselves and God. It was a modern and cinematic retelling of the story of the Prodigal Son. It incorporated several different testimonies illustrating a range of situations where there was significant guilt and shame including sexual abuse, adultery and pornography. In addition the central characters were God, the Prodigal, the temptress and the Devil himself. All this stories are carefully woven together to create a heart rendering roller coaster ride. The film ended with a Q&A with the director, the testifiers and the actors. One amazing quote was ”Your deep shame and guilt are not meant for you to fix, just leave that to God.” As humans we have a habit of taking matters into our own hands and for some of us we are prone to portraying a particular image of ourselves to the world and to others. For some of us, the pain is so immense that we are unaware of God or anyone around us. In the interplay between God and the prodigal it starts well with the young man happily playing his violin in a duet with the Father. As he gets a bit older, he is drawn by his sexuality and allows himself to be seduced by a woman. God continues to play the violin but to no avail. The prodigal is drawn by this other tune or idol. So quickly when we choose to not be in sync with God, can our lives plunge into despair and anarchy. The director uses the image of a cave as a place where the prodigal is enslaved by his own fears. The fear of holding secrets!! Secrets such as being abused by family members, having affair after affair and not knowing why and chasing things are not real. All of these fears are part of our brokenness. This is what we like to hide from those we love and our loving God. Many of us think that God will spurn us and look at us in disgust. This is a lie that is sown into us that we are unworthy. God though every time we screw up or when we are encaged by something looks upon us lovingly. He just wants us to come to him, curl up in his arms and to play the song that is unique to God and yourself. This week ask yourself, are their fears or secrets that I still harbour? Am I ready to use my brokenness as an opportunity to be redeemed by God?

Blessings Fr Nev





“Young People, the Faith, and Vocational Discernment”.

This is a remarkable opportunity for the voices of young people to be heard by the Church. To read the media press release on the survey, head to https://www.catholic.org.au/youthsurvey.  The survey will remain open until 11:59pm on Sunday 2 July. For link to the survey, Click Here

You will be in with a chance to win Dr Dre headphones!


Brisbane Archdiocese Video Series – The Mass



2017 marks the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. Many historians consider the Reformation one of those epoch changing events in the history of the Western world. But what does it mean for people in Australia 500 years later? Was the Reformation just a series of pointless disputes which have little relevance to the church today? Or is the church today the living legacy of the Reformation, and if so, what does this mean for us? Join us as we ask these questions together.

Dr. Chris Hanlon — The Reformation a Catholic perspective, 8 August 7:30pm Holy Family Catholic Church, Indooroopilly

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Giovanni & Amanda’s Wedding, May 5, 2018

By Dr. Peter Vardy