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Location: 37 Ward Street, Indooroopilly, Qld 4068
Office Hours: Mon 9am - 12pm | Wed 9am - 3pm | Fri - 9am to 12pm
Contact Numbers: Telephone: (07) 33717466 | Fax: (07) 38702541

Mass Times:

  • Wednesday: Adoration - 5:10pm | Benediction - 5:50pm | Holy Mass -  6:00pm
  • Friday: 8:10 am Rosary | Holy Mass - 8:30am
  • Saturday: 5:30 pm - Holy Mass
  • Sunday: 8:30 am &  6 pm - Holy Mass

Please remember in your prayers

The sick:

Bryan Beirne, Paul Beirne, Ivan Rego, Norma Forgiarini, Emile Smets.

Recently Deceased: Michael Patrick Saunders


Eileen Williamson, John Davies, Sr Loyola Fraser, Flora Moroney, Margaret Tardent, Margaret Gormley, Annette Atwood, Sandra Jordan, Alice Gibbings, Mrs Phoebe Todd, Garth Gray, Josephine Pringle, Hab Ottaway, Mrs Concetta Gabric, Mary Catherine Mahony, Mrs McGaw, Bob Anderson, Bill Graham, Let Carney, Peter Spierings, Sandra Jordan, Pat Keefe, Mary Redhead, Joseph Carmody, Mary Josephine Scanlan, trevor John Mantiet, Phoeb Todd.

Vera Bradshaw, Eileen Keating, Doreen Treffene, Leon McDermid-Rice, Jim Colling, Win Apelt, Paul Valenti, Joyce Leahy, Fay Betts, Myles Wotley, Cecil Chardon, Gloria Clark, Andre Gregorious De Jong, Juan Arturo "Arthur"Esposo, Damien John Ledwich, Maria Rego.

Parish Pastoral Council: Fr Nev Yun (Administrator), Deacon Russ Nelson, Georges LeFevre (Chair), Clare Dyer (Deputy-Chair), Margie McKay-Lowndes (Secretary), Kevin Smith, Terence Chan, Martin Kelly, Christina Martin, Trevor Lambkin, Stephen Dyer

Members of the Finance Council:Justin Byrne, Jennifer Muller, Damien O’Brien, Ashanti Uluwita.

Children’s Liturgy of the Word: we have a new coordinator, Melody, who is organising the roster until the end of the year.

Care and Concern  If you know of anyone who is sick or homebound, and would like a visit or Holy Communion brought to them at home, please contact any one of the following to make suitable arrangements:

The Parish Office Ph: 3371 7446 | Kevin Smith Ph: 0416 007 713  | Terence Chan Ph: 0423 553 432

Children’s Liturgy: Every Sunday during the 8:30am Mass. (Except School Holidays)

Letter from Parish Finance Council

Dear Parishioner,

At a recent combined meeting of the building committee and finance committee, chaired by Father Nev, it was agreed that we needed to be as open as possible with parishioners around church building upkeep and maintenance and, more broadly, the finances of the parish. Like any organisation, the parish needs to maintain a healthy surplus each year so as to ensure we can continue to support our parish priest in the work that he co-ordinates and the upkeep of the fabric of the church itself.

Both committees, together with the parish council, are firmly of the view that we have a clear direction and are wanting to do all we can to see plans through.

So, with that in mind, a brief overview of parish finances for the last 2 years, including the forecast for the current year to 31 December 2019, can be summarised as follows:

YE 31.12.17 (’000)

YE 31.12.18 (’000)

YE 31.12.19

(’000) (forecast)













These results show that the parish is making a modest surplus but it also indicates that, for a parish of our size, we need to do more to increase that surplus. One of the strategies being investigated now is a structured plan giving program. More on that in coming weeks.

On the matter of upkeep of the church building itself, we do have some challenges given the nature and age of the building.

The building committee has identified a number of maintenance projects that will be necessary over coming years. A 5-year capital expenditure budget for these works is being prepared now.

The plan is that maintenance items will be carried out over time on a priority basis and initial expenditure will be offset by cash reserves currently held by the parish of something in the order of 150K. Obviously though current reserves, together with the anticipated annual surplus over coming years, will be insufficient to cover all the capital expenditure costs and allow for our usual and planned parish expendi-ture. Some form of fundraising and/or borrowing will be required. Again, the finance committee is working on suggestions in that regard and we will keep you as informed as we can.

The important point that we are wanting you to know though is that both the building and finance committees, together with parish council, are confident in both the financial and spiritual strength of the parish and, with Father Nev's enthusiasm and guidance, assure you that current challenges can be managed.
Yours faithfully,
Parish Finance Council




Holy Family Indooroopilly 


Christmas Events and Mass Times


Ann Paxton-Hall

Ann Paxton-Hall


Easter 2017 

          ( No Mass on Easter Sunday Evening) 


From Father Nev

 19-5-19 – 5th Sunday of Easter  

This weekend we have four parents bringing forward their children for Baptism. We pray that as a Catholic community we would welcome and support these families as they embark on this journey of faith. Thank you also to the newly formed Baptismal Preparation Team assisting me to assist and integrate these families into our parish community. It also happens to be Volunteer Week. Anyone who helps out with the any ministry is welcome to pick up a gift over the weekend. This week I had the pleasure of listening to Bishop Paul Tighe, currently working in the Vatican in the Pontifical Council of Culture. He reflected on how the digital world is the arena where younger people are being informed, finding affirmation and are networking professionally, socially and perhaps spiritually. We as the Church can see this as a barrier or an opportunity to reach out not only to millennials but also to peoples who may not necessarily have contact with the Church. He shared that the various communications mediums radio, print and newspaper in the Vatican formed historically but not strategically. So Pope Benedict and Francis immediately began the process of integrating all the mediums together including the digital field. Pope Francis has drawn his inspiration from Vatican II document Gaudium et Spes in his engagement with social media. He wants the Church in its engagement with the world to be open to giving and receiving the goodness of God’s beauty. There are many innovations and learnings that the world can teach us as well as us providing a strong voice in the areas of truth and orthodoxy. Pope Benedict coined a phrase “the Courtyard of the Gentiles” which refers to the physical separation of the Temple and the pagans who lived outside in the courtyard. We today need to connect with those who have influence in society as well as the marginalised. All of them need the message that God loves them unconditionally. He also shared a code of conduct the Council is trying to imbue with the practical and responsible use of social media. As believers in Christ we can build a positive online culture. We are encouraged to listen, converse and encourage robust and valuable discussions, chats and posts. As neighbours we are invited to respond to people’s posts and blogs with mercy, tenderness and be the Good Samaritan. When we interact in cyberspace we should witness real authenticity, model appropriate conviction and be a sharer of hope, faith and grace. We must be good discerners and learn when to speak and when to let love speak (Deus Caritas est, 31). A good question for us to ask is how do we as Church and as individual Catholics minister to people on the internet?

Blessings Fr Nev

Christmas Message from Archbishop Mark Coleridge


Brisbane Archdiocese Video Series – The Mass



2017 marks the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. Many historians consider the Reformation one of those epoch changing events in the history of the Western world. But what does it mean for people in Australia 500 years later? Was the Reformation just a series of pointless disputes which have little relevance to the church today? Or is the church today the living legacy of the Reformation, and if so, what does this mean for us? Join us as we ask these questions together.

Dr. Chris Hanlon — The Reformation a Catholic perspective, 8 August 7:30pm Holy Family Catholic Church, Indooroopilly

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Giovanni & Amanda’s Wedding, May 5, 2018

By Dr. Peter Vardy